Tuesday, February 23, 2010

True friendship

So it has been awhile but things are still just not right...

I think of you often..sometimes you are in my dreams at night.

I miss your smile and I miss your sunny ways...

I miss the way you made me laugh on dreary days.

I tried to sing a new song that reminded me of you,

I choked on the words that seemed so real and true..

I sat and watched the words in a blurr across a screen..

How many times upon your soft shoulder I count on to lean..

The wind beneath my wings was suddenly taken away

You were like the sun shining down on a gray cloudy day.

We talked about everything and when we laughed it was OH so good..

We talked bout being old ladies together..(and I always knew we would.)

The music is somehow not the same and it will take a bit..

It will take some time to find a way to make things somehow fit..

Into this puzzling life there are holes where you seemed to always be,

Im not sure how to fix it where for so long it seemed it was you and me.

We cried together..we sat in silence, But that was what good friends do..

Thoughts tangled in my head were not spoken but somehow you always knew.

With just a hug and your "I knooow"....Not just words but in fact true

I guess I wanted to tell you I think I'm okay, I know I will be, But my God Do I miss you.

I love you Cathy ( Louise).. You are gone, But not forgotten and forever in my heart.

Your friend..


Tambra..(Thelma ) Ps. I still have that movie you bought for me.. Thelma and Louise. :)