Monday, April 25, 2011

Apr 25, 2011

Is what you make it to be..
Simple prayer on bended knee.
Cries from the heart begging please,
Take away the hurt and miseries.

Within your reach yet feels so far,
like a child wishing upon a star.
Whispers of hope, masked with fears,
Into our heavenly Fathers ears...

Knowing your soul is drenched in love
Angel on your shoulder from high above,
Guide you and hold you when storms arise
Softening the pain and easing our cries.

You never give up but,  remain steadfast and  strong,
With God on your side you will never be wrong.
You can fight any battle and befriend your enemies...
Because God has the power to calm the angriest of  seas.

is as easy as wishing on a matter where or who you are.