Saturday, August 30, 2014

Re4: hello dear friend

How do you do. So,

tambra nunley
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Monday, January 6, 2014

Invitation to connect on LinkedIn

From Tambra Nunley
Salinas, California Area

I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.

- Tambra

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Apr 25, 2011

Is what you make it to be..
Simple prayer on bended knee.
Cries from the heart begging please,
Take away the hurt and miseries.

Within your reach yet feels so far,
like a child wishing upon a star.
Whispers of hope, masked with fears,
Into our heavenly Fathers ears...

Knowing your soul is drenched in love
Angel on your shoulder from high above,
Guide you and hold you when storms arise
Softening the pain and easing our cries.

You never give up but,  remain steadfast and  strong,
With God on your side you will never be wrong.
You can fight any battle and befriend your enemies...
Because God has the power to calm the angriest of  seas.

is as easy as wishing on a matter where or who you are.


Monday, May 24, 2010

babies..espec. grandbabies...amazing.

I am proudly expecting two new Sept. and in November.  My daughter Sarah and her husband are expecting a second child.  Her first will be two yrs old in Dec. alittle sweet boy Chet.  His sister will be here in mid to late Sept.  Im so happy for them all.  My daughter Danielle and her husband Terry are expecting a baby as well...her fourth child.  She also has a step daughter.  They have together one boy who is 9 yrs old..two girls 5 yrs old and a baby girl who will be 2 in Dec.  She is expecting a baby in Nov.  An early birthday present for me :) 
What is it about grandbabies..that can pull on the heart strings like nobody else.  One smile...or one hug and thats all you need.  They are so sweet they can bring tears at just one picture.  Believe me..I have ALOT of pictures :)  The toughest part is living so far from them all...Yet it also is one that makes you not take them for granted.  When i see them...its like heaven.  I look forward to the time we spend together. 
I have soon to be 10 grandchildren.  All children..grandchildren included..are like Gods blessings I think.  What else can it be?
I am so happy to have them all..and so fortunate .  
You don't know what real love is till you see a grandchild be born. 
That is love.  I can't even describe the depth of that sort of love. Its beyond anything I have ever experienced in my life...
Your own children...that is amazing..but when its your children..having children. IDK.  

Evasive Summer

Summer.. you evade me for awhile
and I long for your touch
Warm sandy beaches ,
Bright sun that I love so much.

Summer full of lazy days
Hair caught in a gentle breeze..
I do not even seem to mind
The allergies that make me sneeze.

Summer nights and  morning glories,
Ice cold lemonade, a sit in the sun.
Children happy, that school is out,
Ballgames  + cookouts =  lotsa fun

Summer evasive as you may be
I just had to let you know..
I wish you could linger a little longer...
And delay the cold and the snow. 

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

True friendship

So it has been awhile but things are still just not right...

I think of you often..sometimes you are in my dreams at night.

I miss your smile and I miss your sunny ways...

I miss the way you made me laugh on dreary days.

I tried to sing a new song that reminded me of you,

I choked on the words that seemed so real and true..

I sat and watched the words in a blurr across a screen..

How many times upon your soft shoulder I count on to lean..

The wind beneath my wings was suddenly taken away

You were like the sun shining down on a gray cloudy day.

We talked about everything and when we laughed it was OH so good..

We talked bout being old ladies together..(and I always knew we would.)

The music is somehow not the same and it will take a bit..

It will take some time to find a way to make things somehow fit..

Into this puzzling life there are holes where you seemed to always be,

Im not sure how to fix it where for so long it seemed it was you and me.

We cried together..we sat in silence, But that was what good friends do..

Thoughts tangled in my head were not spoken but somehow you always knew.

With just a hug and your "I knooow"....Not just words but in fact true

I guess I wanted to tell you I think I'm okay, I know I will be, But my God Do I miss you.

I love you Cathy ( Louise).. You are gone, But not forgotten and forever in my heart.

Your friend..


Tambra..(Thelma ) Ps. I still have that movie you bought for me.. Thelma and Louise. :)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

What I want to be when I grow up....

More Random thoughts...
As always... I ponder what it is I want/should be doing in my life..  There are always good intentions and ideas flowing through my head.  I have really considered alot of things since the passing of my good friend, Cathy.  Thinking I should not be wasting time.  Time is too precious to waste.  I feel like so much of my time is wasted.. Not really wasted..I guess.. But not being productive enough as I know that I can be.   I have thoughts of writing a book.  I have alot to say.  :)  I write alot of poetry.  But I guess I want more than just that.  Then I think of my the form of painting.  The earthquake in haiti has made me feel so inadequate...I sent a donation..but I still feel I could do so much more.  The question of course is what can I do?  There again alot of idea go through my head...but to put it actually into action is another thing altogether.  Maybe I am worried that it won't be good enough.  Or that maybe it might not get the results I hope for, so therefore I don't...? 
Who knows.  At least for now maybe by writing down these thoughts and the doubts and all that goes with accomplishing or the lack of..It may help?  Maybe.  :)
Peace be with you and yours...
I hope that YOU find whatever it is you should be doing in your life..and that it makes you feel complete.
I hope for myself the same thing..
That I can figure out exactly what it is that "I want to be when I grow up."