Thursday, January 21, 2010

What I want to be when I grow up....

More Random thoughts...
As always... I ponder what it is I want/should be doing in my life..  There are always good intentions and ideas flowing through my head.  I have really considered alot of things since the passing of my good friend, Cathy.  Thinking I should not be wasting time.  Time is too precious to waste.  I feel like so much of my time is wasted.. Not really wasted..I guess.. But not being productive enough as I know that I can be.   I have thoughts of writing a book.  I have alot to say.  :)  I write alot of poetry.  But I guess I want more than just that.  Then I think of my the form of painting.  The earthquake in haiti has made me feel so inadequate...I sent a donation..but I still feel I could do so much more.  The question of course is what can I do?  There again alot of idea go through my head...but to put it actually into action is another thing altogether.  Maybe I am worried that it won't be good enough.  Or that maybe it might not get the results I hope for, so therefore I don't...? 
Who knows.  At least for now maybe by writing down these thoughts and the doubts and all that goes with accomplishing or the lack of..It may help?  Maybe.  :)
Peace be with you and yours...
I hope that YOU find whatever it is you should be doing in your life..and that it makes you feel complete.
I hope for myself the same thing..
That I can figure out exactly what it is that "I want to be when I grow up."  

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