Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Chosen

I stood by and watched you die
Why I was chosen I don't know why.
My heart breaks but yet it still does beat
I will see this through,  as a blessing complete.

This hurdle in life will/must make me strong
God knows why and He can't be wrong
Why my shoulders this sad task has been placed
Steady tears still fall but there is  no time to waste.

He wraps His arms around me ever so tight
And leads me through the darkest of night..
I know that alone He will never leave me..
He carries me down the paths that I cannot see..

He may choose you or I to ease anothers pain,
We may not understand or see what is to gain...
If one person you can help to lighten  heart or soul...
A chosen gift from God  that is worth more than gold.

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