Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year.

Well...the year of 2009 was a great year in many ways..and ended sadly losing my best girl in Cali..Cathy. I miss you girl.
However the year 2010 started amazingly well.. First I spent it with family.  New Years Eve was spent in Ohio with my daughter Hollie, her hubby Jake and daughter Whitney,  My other daughter Sarah stopped in for a visit with her hubby Barry.  At Midnight a few phone calls to my sweet husband Charlie in Cali. and my parents to wish them a Happy New Year.  New Years day was spent with my sister Ginger and her family, at my parents for BBQ baby back Ribs beans,  and  yummy saurkraut..and YES people really do eat saurkraut.. It supposedly brings you luck for New Years.and Im not taking any chances....
Charlie will be flying out here to spend  a few days here with me and my family..which I am THRILLED about.  Its been awhile since we had Ohio time...together.  My family is looking forward to it as well.  He doesn't get the chance to get away very often.  Work has been good lately so hopefully this is something that will continue for the New year as well.  God Knows HE deserves it..Hes a hard worker and so dedicated to his family..and to me...and to helping just about anyone that needs help. 
Hes a good man.
And...I am blessed.  :) in soo many ways.

Wishing you all a New Year..May it be prosperous and bring you lots of blessings, love and peace.

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