Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Snow Snow Snow.

Sooo much snow here..
Its been awhile since I seen so much snow.  Today schools were either delayed or closed because the roads were so bad.
Its really beautiful if you don't have to drive in it..
I am waiting on my Charlie to come tomorrow! Yayyy!  I cannot wait. I hope he has a safe flight into Ohio. Going thru Phoenix so that should be okay..
I miss him.. I have been In Ohio since the 13th of Dec.  He will be here with me until Monday evening and then we fly home together ..I am happy happy! 
I feel like a little girl waiting on Santa Clause  (smile)  !

Counting down the hours till he gets here...
I sure do miss him.  SO MUCH!  Its always bittersweet ...leaving. I am anxious to get home and do the things one does at home.. yet leaving is always hard.  Too bad I can't clone me so I can be in both places..  Altho Charlie may have different thoughts on that idea...
Wherever you are today if you are in the snow and cold...be safe..drive carefully.. shovel a driveway or sweep snow for someone who can't?  Make a snowangel... bake cookies... share some :) with a friend or neighbor...check on someone who can't get out..make sure they are warm and healthy..and taken care of.

Take care of you and each other..
Lots of love and blessings your way

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